Customized 3D models

Does your company have a 3D real time application, or do you want to study a concept through 3D rendering or prototyping?

No problem! We have been working for years on converting entire CAD libraries into polygonal 3D models for use in prototyping, photorealistic 3D rendering or for inclusion in real time render engines (Unity, Unreal).

3D Modeling, Photometry and 3D Scan, Digital Sculpture!

The best way to open your product database to designers and suppliers!

Have you been asked for 3D models of your products several times and the CAD did not fit? Do you miss 3D files of your products and would you like to see them digitized?
From 3D scanning of models to photometry, from classical modeling to digital sculpture, our team will certainly be able to propose the solution that best suits your needs.

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